Conditions of Carriage / Terms of Service

Any customer purchasing freight services through Blackhaul Australia is bound to these terms. These terms are presented when booking, or signed beforehand for account holders.

Items should be packaged or wrapped suitably, and sender must be able to label freight or present provided documents as required.
Drivers may not be able to provide documents for pickup on certain services.
Pickup timeslots or times may not be available, phone calls or direct contact with driver for pickup or delivery are not guaranteed.

We are not a common carrier and therefore do not accept liability for events that may occur during transit

We are not liable for any damage or loss that occurs during shipment. The customer retains any risk and responsibility throughout the shipment. It is the responsibility of the customer to purchase insurance.

Waiting time, loading and unloading time is charged at a rate at the discretion of the carrier.

Additional fees may apply in the event of:

  • Higher weight than booked
  • Larger volume than booked
  • Improperly Packaged items
  • Items that have been requested to be returned
  • Cancelled orders after booking or pickup
  • Failed/Rejected deliveries
  • Redelivery
  • Any other charges imposed by the carrier
  • Any other administrative charges

Failure to pay these fees may result in items being confiscated, returned, disposed, or resold to recover costs of transportation.

Additional weight, in the case of an item being heavier or larger than booked, will be charged at 1.5 times the usual rate, in order to account for administrative fees.

Carriers may reject transport at any stage in transport due to discrepancies in weight, volume or any other factor that influences the transportation of a consignment and items may be required to be collected from their current location if such event occurs.

Whole shipments (or parts of shipments/processes) may be subcontracted to external entities or companies in order to provide better coverage or pricing. Multiple carriers may be involved in the handling of a single shipment.

A shipment may be held at a point in transit pending a response or resolution from a customer

Delays may occur during transit for various reasons, and we are not liable for any consequences regarding these delays.

Any delivery times provided are estimates only and are not guaranteed

We, or the carriers and subcontractors involved, are not obligated to fulfil any requests by the customer to redirect, return or modify a shipment, and charges may apply if any of these actions are possible.

Items travelling to regional areas may require collection at the nearest depot, at the discretion of the carrier.

Fees and surcharges:
Cancellation fee (Within 24 hours): 40% of total job cost
Cancellation fee (Within 12 hours): 50% of total job cost
Cancellation fee (Within 1 week): 12% of total job cost
Cancellation fee (Before 1 week): 10% of total job cost

Futile pickup fee & Futile delivery fees can vary for each job, from $15 to the total job cost.
(These two fees are charged in the event of refusal, no attendance, incorrect addresses, failure to sign for a shipment or any other event by the consigner or consignee which may prevent the driver from delivering or picking up a consignment)

Additional fees may apply for unpacked or unpalleted items, or for the process of packaging or palletization

Overdue invoice fees are charged at 2% extra each day, calculated based on the total of the previous day.

Additional non declared weight/volume: 1.5 times the original job cost divided by the original booked weight, per kg.

If the actual dimensions/mass of the shipment is less than the booked dimensions/mass, the difference in weight will not be refunded

If a shipment is not collected from a depot within the listed time, it may be returned, disposed of, or confiscated at the carriers discretion.

Any fees, surcharges, or price increases applied by any carriers or subcontractors will be the liability of the customer.

All invoices are to be paid, regardless of any ongoing disputes, requests, claims, or any other events. Credit and/or refunds will be issued if required.

Shipments may not be able to be repacked during transport. Improperly packaged items will require the consigner, consignee or any other third party that they wish to do so at the current location of the shipment.

Any invoices that are unpaid, invoices that are disputed, or invoices where the customer is refusing or unable to pay may be passed onto a debt collection agency, and the customer will be liable for any fees or charges that is incurred by this. In the event of a debt collection agency being involved, the minimum payable amount will be $510 + GST in order to account for flat rate costs associated with debt collections. An administrative fee for unpaid invoices will also apply.

Any surcharges or fees given by the carrier are the liability of the customer.

By making a booking, you agree to the terms in this agreement.